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 STAIRCASE WRITING, my web journal about what the French call l'esprit d'escalier," stairway wit. The witty thing you should have said that occurs to you only as you descend the stairs at the end of the evening. As a novelist, I find that I have staircase thoughts about each of my novels, even though it has been almost fifteen years since my first novel was published.

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 Katharine's short story "Party Animals" is available from Amazon Shorts.


Katharine has been appointed to the Richard L. Thomas Chair in Creative Writing at Kenyon College, a five-year appointment for spring semester teaching.


2018 Schedule

 July 13th - 20th
Katharine's week-long novel-writing workshop

Katharine's schedule is always changing. Please check back for updates as events are added frequently.

The author at work, age four

Katharine Weber at the abandoned (and now demolished)
Peter Paul factory in Naugatuck, Connecticut

Photo © Stephen Dunn